Admittance to the shelter for battered women in Paderborn

If you are exposed to physical and/or mental violence in your marriage or partnership, you alone or together with your children can find shelter in a refuge for battered women. Women threatened with or affected by forced marriage can also find help here. Women seeking shelter in a refuge for battered women must be minimum 18 years old. The address of the shelter is not disclosed. You can call us at: ++49 (0)5254/9 322 366.

If possible, take the following things with you:

  • Identity papers (identification card, children’s passports, residential permit),
  • Marriage certificate/children’s birth certificates,
  • Health insurance card,
  • Account card/statements of account/savings bank books,
  • Insurance papers,
  • Child tax benefit notice/child benefit number,
  • Prophylactic booklets,
  • Everything children need at school,
  • School reports,
  • Favourite toys (cuddly toy, doll).

The shelter for battered women is not a home. You will look after yourself and your children and share your room with them. You share common rooms with other women and children.

Only women live and work here. You will have opportunity of talking about what you have been going through.

If you want, while you live here, we staff member advise and assist you in the following matters:

  • clarify your financial situation
  • dealings with authorities and agencies
  • court hearings,
  • educational matters, etc.

Women with acute psychic illness or drug addiction or homeless women are not admitted to the Paderborn shelter for battered women.




Freie Plätze

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Die Adresse des Frauenhauses ist anonym. Sie erreichen uns unter der Telefonnummer: 05254/9322366. Mehr Informationen finden Sie unter Kontakt.