Women in the shelter for battered women

The shelter for battered women in Paderborn is a place of refuge for women with or without children exposed to or threatened with violence at home. Here, women find a safe refuge as well as advice and assistance from professional staff.

Life in the shelter is based on mutual respect and anti-racist, feminist attitude.

The shelter is a temporary solution enabling battered women to recover and develop new perspectives. To protect the women and their children who live here, the location of the shelter is not disclosed.

At the Paderborn shelter for battered women, every woman lives in her own room; women with children share the room with their children. The living room, kitchen, and bathroom are shared with the other women. The shelter is not a home and therefore those who live here independently organize their daily routine in the home. Shopping (except the weekly bulk purchase), cooking, laundry, child care and all other routines are looked after by the women themselves.

Every woman will have a professional contact assigned to her for her time in the shelter. As a result, one staff member accompanies 4 or 5 women through that difficult spell in their lives.
We offer the women advice and assistance in all matters in connection with this new situation in their lives. We talk with them about their psychic state after the separation, on their current and future way of life and on potential conflict situations in the shelter. All women meet once a week to discuss and organize matters affecting life in the shelter.

Women who have experienced violence or are threatened with violence often fail to see a way out of their situation.

The first steps out of the violent relationship are difficult to take and many women are unable to take them without outside help.

The shelter for battered women in Paderborn is open to women who are at least 18 years old, with or children, of any cultural origin, religious denomination and is unrelated to the applicant’s knowledge of German. The period for which a woman stays here varies with the concrete situation in the woman’s life, e.g., continuing threat.

Women with a psychic disease or drug addiction and homeless women cannot find shelter here.




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